Saturday, July 31, 2010

One day...

So last summer we sold our boat. This summer we are regretting that decision! Not really, it was the right thing for us to do but we sure do miss it. One day (sooner than later) we will get another boat. Until then, we have fun on our friends' boats! We are pretty sure that Allie will not be our pro-wakeboarding child, but if Ryan has any say, our son will be! We are gonna start him young that's for sure. Nothing better than the lake on a hot summer day...

Ryan's so happy out there Allie's loving the lake this year. She says the next time we go out she will get up on the wakeboard again so we will see!
Allie also thinks that we should include Nala on our boating trips but I'm not sure if Nala is too thrilled about that idea

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


One of our favorite things to do in July is go to the Ogden Rodeo. This year we went twice. It was HOT (my pregnant self did not appreciate the heat so much) but so fun, as always. The kids loved it! Wednesday we went with my family...
They tried hard to get some shirts thrown to them but it was not meant to be.

Allie's favorite part of the night, the FMX show.

Saturday we went with the whole Taggart family. Everyone was in town for the weekend and we had a great time together! Haddie and Zach did mutton busting this year! For those of you who don't know what that is, (I didn't until I moved to Utah) it's when the little kids climb onto a sheep and hang on for dear life as it runs out of the gate! Basically bull riding but on a sheep. They both did SO good and were so brave! We were very proud of them :)

Haddie, Saylee, and Allie enjoying the evening once the sun went down!

Mom and dad Taggart
Cameron and Zach Brook and Meghan
Until next year!