Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Here is a recap of our month since I obviously cannot find time to regularly update our blog! Easter fell on a beautiful day, we even got to have an egg hunt outside without getting all wet.
Here are a few attempts at an Easter photo of the kids. Allie can step up to the plate most times.
Cole has a little more trouble.
We just could not pull it together on this particular day!
Allie had her gymnastics recital. They were all sooo cute. We love her teacher and she can't wait to start again in the fall. Here we are on our way into the recital. And Cole has redeemed himself in the picture-taking category!

Our little gymnast!
Allie and Blaine. Allie was determined to hold all her treats at once.

With the end of the school year fast approaching, the kindergartners at North Ogden Elementary put on a program for the school and parents. They each had a speaking part and they sang all of the songs they've learned over the year. Allie wasn't a bit nervous and sounded so good! I can't believe this school year is over in 2 weeks and we will have a 1st grader next year! I can't think about it too much. I think I'm much more nervous for her to be at school all day long than she is.
Cole went to cheer his big sister on ;)
Allie also lost her first tooth! She was so excited. She laughed and cried, I don't think she knew how to react. She was so excited, but she was also bleeding, so her emotions were all over the place! It was too funny.
If you come to our house you will most likely find Cole in this. He loves his jumperoo and goes WILD in it.
We went to IKEA a couple weeks ago and bought the best highchair ever made. Allie had the same one when she was little but we got rid of it so Cole got a new one. He loves it.
He started eating oatmeal and baby food when he turned 5 months old and loves it! For now it's just for breakfast and dinner. It's fun to see him learning new things. I think he realizes that when you put him in his highchair, he's gonna get food. He's becoming a little person who can communicate in little ways and I love it!
I wish I had the time to sit and hold him like this all day but it's just too hard when there is more than one kid! I love these moments.
We went to the nursery today and got all of our seeds to plant our garden. I seriously cannot wait. As soon as this rain lets up!