Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Fun

We hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving with all your loved ones! We had a great time. We went down to Provo and spent the evening with my family. We went to my brother-in-laws restaurant, Communal. They close it on Thanksgiving so the Heywood and McRae families all get together there and have a huge potluck. It's a lot of fun.

Someone enjoyed his pumpkin pie. I can't believe that last Thanksgiving Cole was only 7 days old. He enjoyed Thanksgiving much more this year ;)

Sophie and Allie

It was so nice on Thanksgiving, Cole wanted to be outside the whole time

My sister Jen

Communal has these great huge windows all around the restaurant and the kids love to sit and look out at the traffic on University

I'm not a huge black friday shopper, I don't like all those pushy people. But Cole woke up at 3am, which is unlike him lately. So I gave him a bottle and since I was up I decided to run to Target! It's right down the street from my parents house and I figured that all the midnight madness was over so off I went. I was on a mission for a razor scooter for Allie at half price! Ryan thought I was crazy. When I got there the store was a mess and the shelves were empty. I figured I wouldn't find anything I wanted. But as I walked down the scooter isle, there it was. All by itself. ONE razor scooter left on the shelf just waiting for me to grab it! Woo hoo! Allie is going to be so excited on Christmas morning.

Here are the kiddos on our way to more black friday shopping, this time at normal hours of the day

As soon as Thanksgiving is over the Christmas excitement begins in our family! We took the kids down to the 25th street lights in Ogden. Allie loves this every year and Cole seemed to enjoy it for his first time

Their favorite exhibit of the night was the one with a train that actually road around the track when you pushed the button. We finally had to move aside so more people could enjoy it

Our cute kids

This year, Allie has been questioning the idea of Santa a little bit too much. She's starting to think that maybe he's not totally real. It seriously breaks my heart to think that she's getting old enough to not believe in Santa anymore! So yesterday, our very own "Elf on the shelf" arrived at our house! She named him Sherbert. Hmmm, oh well. And she totally believes in the idea of him. Thank you Katie Willson! Katie is one of my very best friends who has given me all sorts of ideas on how to keep the belief of Santa alive. Her daughter, Abbie, is one of Allie's best friends who also has an Elf keeping an eye on her at her house. This is such a great idea and is so fun for the kids. Elf on the Shelf will be on tv again on Dec. 9 so if you need an extra boost for your little one, be sure to watch it and get yourself an Elf. I decided to get a plush Elf, I thought the ones that came with the book were a little creepy looking. Here is Allie right after she woke up and found her Elf! Sherbert keeps an eye on Cole too ;)

For family home evening on Monday we went and got our tree! There is nothing like the smell of a fresh Christmas tree.

Our cozy tree. The kids did a great job decorating it. Cole discovered a new love while decorating. Candy canes.
During Christmas time, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer is on daily at our house. As well as The Grinch and Home Alone. Cole now loves it just as much as Allie. He loves to sit on his car that Aunt Kim got him for his birthday and watch it with Allie.

If you're looking for Cole, you can usually find him behind the Christmas tree

To end the night we had to make some peppermint bark. Oh how we love this time of year!