Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Last week we were in Park City for my Family Reunion. We do it every year and it's always one of our favorite vacations. It's the one time of year all the siblings can get together all at once! We had so much fun with BBQ's and shopping and just hanging out. Here are a ton of pictures of some of our fun...

We started the week at Red Rock Brewery

Here is one of our tables, there were so many of us!

Betsy and Steve
My brother John and his family, Kim, Jarod, and Kevin

Some of the grandkids took a trip around the town on the bus with grandma and grandpa

She loved the bus

Our first day at the slides
We had a race...Ryan and Allie beat me!

My brother-in-law Joe and my daddy-O
Emma, Allie, and Jake
Here are all of us about to go on the rollercoaster...I can't believe Allie went! It was so fast and by far the best ride on the mountain!
Of course we had to get snow cones every day. Tigers blood...YUM.
Taking a break...Bets must have got stuck holding everyone's cup?

On our way to the slides

Grandma and the girls

Allie and Sophie
On the last night of our trip we went to my brother's restaurant for one last family dinner
That's my fam behind us too, we can never all fit at one table!

My brothers, Matt and John, and Ryan...I love these boys!
Jen and I

We were sad to have the vacation end but excited to come home to our puppy!
Can't wait for next year!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Growing puppy

This puppy is hilarious. We often find her in Allie's car seat when Allie is not with us. Just chillin.

She is growing so fast...when we got her three weeks ago she was 8 pounds. We took her to the vet on Wednesday and she was 15! They predict that she will be quite large. Her paws are huge! She is just the cutest thing ever...she follows you around everywhere. While I'm doing the dishes she will just sit on the rug by my feet. She's a good little companion.
And not matter where she falls asleep she makes sure that part of herself is laying on someone.
We are off to Park City tomorrow until Wednesday for my yearly family reunion and Ryan's sister Kim is so sweet to watch Nala for us while we are gone. It will be weird not to have her around, she's a big part of our family now! Allie has already had a breakdown about leaving her but I'm sure she will soon forget about being sad when she sees all of her cousins!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The big 3-0

So my birthday was on Saturday and I turned the big 3-0...wha? When did I get so old? Ryan is still 29 for another 5 months and does not let me forget it. Oh well. It was a great weekend that started out with me waking up and walking downstairs to find this...

Finally I have my own wakeboard! I have always had to use Ryan's, which is super nice but a little big and bulky for me...this is just right :)

We went to see an Imax show that night and then took a walk by the lake
The next day we had a family party at my parent's house. The little girls were sooo excited because they made my cake...it was a rainbow cake with some strange type of icing on it, but once you scraped that off, it was really good! They were so cute and proud of their cake!

A proud baker

This was the finished product...a little funny to look at but very tasty...thanks girls :)
Thanks babe for a great birthday...you're next :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Welcome baby Carter!

Our good friends Drew and Brittany just had their second little boy, Carter, on Wednesday and he is just the sweetest little thing. We went to see them the day they came home from the hospital and Allie was in love. She adores babies and can't wait to be a big sister, she will be a good one! Congratulations to Drew, Britt, and Dallin! We love you guys.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


This past week we went out on the boat for the first time this year!!! It's so nice to be back out on the lake after the LONG cold winter! We don't have our boat out of storage yet because we are still waiting for our hitch to be put on the Tahoe so our friend Ryan took us out on his boat. The water was a little too cold for me and Allie to get in, still around 63. But those who know Ryan know that a little cold water will not keep him from getting in! So we sat back and enjoyed watching the boys, they did amazing. It was a fun day with good friends and it made us sooo excited for the rest of the summer on the lake!

About to go out for the first time this year!
We love playing on the boat
His first set of the year was amazing...he did great!
Below is our friend Ryan, so good also...it's so fun to watch them.
And this is our friend Ryan's little girl Faith...she is only 9 and is already so good! It's so cute to see someone so little wakeboarding!

Our little redhead
Ryan and Ryan
The end of the day...it was a good one :)