Sunday, August 29, 2010

California Trip

Last weekend Ryan and I flew out to California to meet our newest little nephew, Charlie. Don't you want to just eat him up?! He is so sweet and such a good baby. It was fun to see Ryan with a newborn and even more fun to watch him change his very first is it possible he has gone this long and never changed a diaper? Oh, how that will change in a couple months ;) Thanks for the fun weekend Charlie!

This is what much of the weekend looked like with these two
This boy is one wants to put him down
We took a trip into the city on Friday. The last time we were there the fog covered the bridge the whole time but this time Ryan was finally able to see it in person The happy fam
We ate a ton of food and made doughnuts two of the three nights we were good. I might be able to eat this whole plate if it were in front of me right now
We missed this girl a ton but knew she was in good hands with aunt Jen and grandma and grandpa...thanks guys!!
Allie has met Charlie via Skype but can't wait to meet her little cousin in less than two weeks when he comes to Utah for his first visit!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

24 weeks!

I can't be 24 weeks already, can I? This pregnancy is going by so fast! Last week we had our big ultrasound that looks at all different angles of the baby to see if there are any complications and everything is looking just fine. We also had an in-depth heart ultrasound at Primary Children's Hospital last month to take a look at the baby's heart and all it's functions. For those of you who don't know, Ryan was born with a faulty heart valve and has had two open heart surgeries to replace it. He is still seen once a year at Primary Children's to make sure all is well (which it is). So we knew from the get-go that this baby had a chance of inheriting the same issue but the ultrasound showed a normal, healthy heart. Not only is this baby healthy, but he is growing fast. Our original due date was Nov. 23 but he's now measuring for a due date of the 15th so we'll see if he continues on this chubby path. Ryan is hoping he'll keep growing fast so he can be born on his birthday, the 10th. Who knows, we just cannot wait to see him and hold him! And it looks like we are headed to California in a couple weeks to visit Bets and Steve and little Charlie so Ryan will get a taste of what having a newborn is all about! All in all I feel good but the heat is a little too much to handle sometimes. I'm always HOT. And I waddle. But it's all well worth it ;)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Baby Charlie

My sister Betsy and her husband Steve just had their very first sweet little baby! He is just as cute as can be and so so tiny. He weighed in at 6 lbs 6 oz which is unheard of in our family! We are known for having pretty good sized babies. We are so excited for them and so jealous of my mom who is out in California right now with them! Hopefully we will get to take a trip out there to meet the little guy before our little one arrives in November. We are so excited that these two boys will be so close in age, now all we have to do is get Bets and Steve out here to Utah! Congratulations, we love you three!

Just arrived!

First day home

I cannot get over his little legs, soooo cute!Sweet Charlie :)