Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas is coming!

I cannot believe that Christmas Eve is one week from today!! I am so excited. And so busy. It's amazing how much harder it is to get your holiday to-do list done with a new baby! Especially when that new baby has decided that he's happiest if he's held every minute he's awake. And if he's not being held, well, he's not so happy! I try to enjoy it though because he's only this little once. Little by little I'm getting everything done. I cannot wait until next week when family starts to arrive! Just a couple pictures to share...

Here is Allie hunting for our tree a couple weeks ago. See that sassy pose? Totally matches her sassy attitude. She cannot wait for Santa to come.

This little man started to smile this morning :) Gas has prompted him to smile in the past but he had a full-on smile fest when he woke up this morning. I just want to eat him up!

The Christmas countdown is on and we can't wait!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Poor boy

Last Tuesday, Cole was not himself. So on Wednesday I took him to the Doctor and he had a fever. Already??? He was not even 3 weeks old! Unfortunately, the fever was over 100.4 and if it's that high and the baby is still so young, they send you directly to the hospital. But not before they did a spinal tap on him right there in the office. It was horrible. Nothing feels worse than sitting there helpless while one of your kids is going through something so traumatic. They were mainly worried about meningitis, so they wanted to test his spinal fluid. Then off to Ogden Regional we went. Right away he got his IV, blood drawn, and a urinalysis. His spinal fluid was sent off to the lab. We weren't allowed to leave until the cultures came back 48 hours later. So it was just a looong waiting game. They kept his IV in the whole time pumping antibiotics into it. Luckily, his first test results that came back were looking good so we were pretty positive that nothing would grow on the cultures. And nothing did! So he got a virus from somewhere, unfortunately that's all we know. Hopefully this does not happen again while he is so young because I am not a fan of the hospital! We took a bunch of pictures while we were there. There is not much more to do while you just sit and wait! Here are a few...

Just after we got to the hospital and he got his IV

My mom came to see him before she picked up Allie for us. Thank you mom and Jen for taking such good care of her for us!!
He had quite the setup
This was taken after a long night...his IV stopped working and they had to restart it....NOT FUN. But I love this picture. So sweet.

Aunts Kim and Brenda came over for a visit, he was spoiledThe pediatric wing has a wagon you can take your little one for a walk in. He was not too thrilled the first time we tried it...

So we took him back and fed him and then he was all about it. Did I mention this boy is a piggy? In 6 days he went from 8lbs 7 oz to 9 lbs 5 oz. Volunteers for the hospital make the kids little booties, so they gave us these on the day we left

He is so happy to be back home with his big sister. She is thrilled.
Fingers crossed this is not the beginning of a sick-filled winter!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Two weeks

I can't believe that two weeks ago today little Cole joined our family. These past two weeks have been everything....exciting, exhausting, you name it! Cole has turned into a great sleeper the past few nights and I hope it lasts. I'm sure it will change but a mom can dream! He gets up every four hours to nurse and then goes right back to sleep. The best part is that my sister Betsy gets up with little Charlie to feed him as well so we text each other during the middle of the night to see how each other is doing. There is just something about knowing someone else is up at the same time as you that makes it a little easier to handle!
We gave Cole his first bath last night. Some of you may not know this but Ryan LOVES baths. He takes them all the time. So we were wondering if Cole would take after him and love them just as much, or if he would scream his head off. So we put him in the warm water and he immediately fell asleep. He loved it! He slept through the whole thing. It was just about the cutest thing we've ever seen. What made it even more funny was that I had just fed him before the bath so he had a huge belly. He was in heaven.

We love these kids.