Monday, March 30, 2009


Have you ever been involved in a "hit and run"? It's a horrible feeling. Last Thursday I took Allie to a Dr.'s appointment at Davis hospital because she was super sick. As we got to the car (Ryan's car) after the appointment I noticed all of this plastic and glass at the bottom of the rear wheel. My first thought was that someone broke a window and broke into the car so I started scanning the car and all the window's were fine. Then I looked at the body of the car and noticed the dent on the rear bumper. Someone smacked us and took off! No note. I was just standing there in shock and then I hear Allie go "uh oh". I was floored...and so mad. So I called Ryan and then the police and they came and wrote up a report. The unfortunate thing is that there are no cameras in the hospital parking lot (lame) so there is really no way to find out who did it. I would never claim to be perfect, but I'm sorry, if I did this to someones car I would have left a NOTE! It's disappointing to know that some people really have no conscience. Our insurance company will pay to have our car fixed for us...after we pay a $500 deductible. Grrr. This would be no big deal to us at all if someone had just fessed up and been honest. It's the principle of it! Karma will fall upon them, I'm sure of it.

The glass and plastic from their car. Looks like their car got smashed. What a shame.

They dented the body and the bumper. It's a heavy car to dent so they must have been going pretty fast

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Last week Ryan took Allie on her first horseback ride. She's been on the little miniature horses at the fair that walk in a circle but never a full sized one. It was so cute to watch, she's looks so little on such a big horse!

Allie, Ryan, and C.J. the horse

She couldn't stop smiling

They even ran a little bit

We also saw some six week old goats. They were so cute, I love how big their ears are! Take a look...

Thanks to Lonnie for having us over for such a fun time!!

Poor thing...

Allie has a few car seats and this particular day she was in her booster seat that has no headrest. So when she fell asleep on the way home one day she used the seat belt as one...poor little smooshed thing.