Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Six and More

I am so far behind on blogging lately. I can't seem to stay caught up! The days and weeks go by so fast and between the kids and working and the normal day-to-day stuff, there is no time! There has been a lot going on, most importantly, Allie turned 6 years old on April 7th! This is the first year that we've let her have a "friend" birthday party. Usually we just do a family get together but now that she's getting older she wants parties. She wanted a Build-A-Bear party! We took her and 6 of her closest friends and headed to Gateway. We left Cole home with Grandma and Grandpa so poor Ryan was the only guy. He was a trooper. Especially on the drive down and back. He was driving a car full of screaming girls that were blasting the "Tangled" soundtrack over and over. The things we do for our kids ;)

Here is the birthday girl taking her cupcakes into class

Allie has wanted a Barbie Jeep for about 3 years now. We finally broke down and got her one. But not a Barbie one. She'll grow out of it in another couple of years and Cole will want one for sure so we've killed two birds with one stone here. We told her she could decorate it with girly stickers and she was just fine with that. She loves this thing. If there's no snow or rain, she's out on her Jeep! The girls at Build-A-Bear! I highly recommend having a birthday party here. You have a host the whole time and they do everything for you! Ryan, Katie (my friend who came as well) and I just sat back and relaxed the entire time. It was worth every penny. Allie and Merin, bathing their bears. Afterwards we came back to the house for cake, ice cream, and presents. That was the exhausting part because we were suddenly in charge again! Allie wanted a picture taken of her, Cole and her birthday bear that she named Rosie. It's been a big year for Allie. She moved, started kindergarten, had a baby brother and turned six all in one year. She has been so great during all of these big changes. We couldn't ask for a sweeter little daughter. She makes us so happy. She's so sweet to her brother, he is so lucky to have her. We love our 6-year-old munchkin. Some other things going on lately...

Allie LOVES gymnastics. She is a hand standing, cartwheeling whiz who is constantly practicing her moves at home. She has her first recital coming up at the end of April and we can't wait!
Betsy, Steve, and Charlie came out for a visit this month! We went down to Provo to eat at Communal one day. Their rental car was a minivan! So the guys were sweet enough to sit in the back with the babies.
Out to lunch
Charlie is getting so big! He's eight months now and just learned to crawl. He also has two teeth! Cole is still working on sitting up on his own so he's a few months behind Char ;) The boys had a lot of fun smacking each other in the face and staring each other down. It's going to be madness once they are both crawling/walking around! We've also come up with a name for them, since we are always talking about them together. From now on, they will be known as Charcole!
Bets and Steve went to see a movie one day so we took Charcole to Target with us. They were each in their matching Bjorn's and we're pretty sure people thought we were carrying around twins. We got many looks as we walked through the isles!
Aunt Betsy with Allie and Cole
Cole had a Dr. appointment that Ryan couldn't get off of work for so we kept him updated with pictures while waiting for the Dr. :)
Lately Cole does not like to sit in his car seat if it's not in the car so the only way I can get my grocery shopping done is if I carry him around in his Bjorn. So high maintenance!
Here are the boys at Costco. Total twinners, I love it. Girls day at the movies! Allie, Abbie, and Annie. These girls are so crazy together, it's too fun. Our cheese ball And last but certainly not least...Allie learned to ride a bike with no training wheels!! This is from a few weeks ago, she can go for miles now. I'm a proud mama.

Was this post random enought for you? Hopefully now that I'm a little caught up I can keep it going!!