Monday, April 19, 2010

The happy couple

Last weekend we took a trip up to Idaho with the whole Taggart family to see Ryan's sister Brook and and her husband Tyson sealed together in the temple. Brook's kids, Zach and Jenna, were also sealed to them. It was such a sweet experience to be a part of, and we are so happy for their little family.

This was also special for us because 2 weeks earlier, Ryan went through the temple for the very first time. I'm so happy that we have the opportunity to be in the temple together now! I loved being at the temple with the whole family (minus Jeff, we missed you!) and it is an experience we will not soon forget. We are so proud of Brook and Tyson and the commitments they have made and the blessings their family will receive because of them. Congratulations!

The family!
The brothers: Jason, Tyson, Ryan, Joe
The sisters: Heidi, Kim, Brook, Brenda, Suzy
You did it!!
We also all got to stay the night at Brook and Tyson's...such a cute place! We miss you guys up in Idaho but are so happy for you!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Birthday Fun!!

This little lady turned 5 on April 7th! We had a busy day full of non-stop fun. Allie woke up bright and early to all of her presents waiting for her...too bad she had to wait until later that day to open any of them!

She decided she wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese for her birthday. So my sister and her kids and grandma and grandpa came along for the fun...

Emma, Sophie, Allie, and Jake

the highlight of her evening...when Chuck E. brought her a cake and sang Happy Birthday to her with us
the girls riding a virtual roller coaster, too funny
Ryan and Jake were the masters when it came to winning tickets. I think the final count was a little over 1,600. Oh the junk you can get with 1,600 tickets!

I must say that I look a little tired. I obviously can't hang with all the die hard Chuck E. Cheeser's.
After Chuck E. Cheese the girls came over for a sleepover! Ryan and I were so tired we let them go crazy downstairs while we were fast asleep upstairs. I should have taken an 'after' picture the next morning, but you can imagine.
Til next year...Happy Birthday Allie!!

I'm a little behind...

Happy Easter!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our 5 year old!

Today she's five! Where did the last five years go? It seems like just yesterday we were in the middle of all-night feedings and trying to get her on a sleeping schedule. This little girl brings so much joy into our lives everyday. I'm so lucky to be her mom, I couldn't imagine life without her. Last year I posted a bunch of my favorite pictures, so this year I had her choose some of her favorite ones. Happy birthday little Allie-kins!

Okay I had to throw in one of my favorites.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April!

It's the first day of April and it's been the worst weather we have had in quite a while...but I'm all cozied up in my pj's enjoying the thunder and lightning storm so I love it!
April 1st is not only April fools day (I got my mom pretty good) but it's also my nephew Jake's birthday. He turned 12 today. He is the ultimate April fools day prank. Up until the minute he was born we were told he was a girl. We were all in shock (especially the doctor) when Jen gave birth to a little boy instead of a little girl!
Tonight we headed down to Provo to eat at Joe's restaurant, Communal, to celebrate this fun day!

Ry and I with Jen, Joe and the birthday boy my cute parents as we left the restaurant the craziest snow storm had just startedJake doesn't like cake, so what did he ask for? Blueberry muffins. Weirdo. what up Ry Ry
This is Scilla. She's the McRae's new dog they rescued a couple of months ago. If you think she's missing an eye, you're right. She's the one-eyed wonder dog! She may look a little funny but she really is so sweet. And my sister and her family finally broke the tradition of the Boxer
we're best buds
even if I maybe make fun of her a little bit sometimes
Jake made out pretty well in the gift department...Happy Birthday Jake!!