Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Park City 2010

Our yearly trip to Park City with my family was last week and we had a blast even though we were missing a few siblings this year! We look forward to this trip every year and it's always such a good time just being with the family. The little kids were in heaven all week playing together! Thanks mom and dad for another great week!

We spent most days swimming

Our water train, I always have to be at the front! The kids would have swam all night if we let them. Joe and Ryan were troopers and swam with them in the evening when the moms were too cold. We call the picture below, "My two dads." We spent an afternoon up at the coaster. Here are all the riders! Coaster partners, Emma and Ryan We ate way too much The golfers John, Kim, Jarod, and Kevin We spent a day at Olympic Park. Most of us had never been there, it was so cool! We make a perfect bobsled team, don't you think? Mom and John may have had us beat Ry and Allie on the slide. I'll be happy next year when I can do these fun things again! Coming home from vacation is never fun, we were not happy campers. But there were two who were beyond happy that we were coming home...here they are right after we picked them up from the boarders. Very happy campers!It's crazy to think that next year during our trip we will have two new little boys with us! Betsy and Steve's little one and ours...bring on the cousins!

Friday, June 18, 2010


So this Monday we are going to Park City for the week for my family's yearly vacation. We can't wait! As usual, the few days before a vacation are crazy and there are a million things to do to get ready. This year we have decided to board Nala for the first time. The boarders need her shot record to show that she is up to date so I stopped into the vet this morning to pick them up. Nala came along with me for the ride. After the vet I ran into the grocery store for about 3 minutes to pick up some chicken. When I returned to the car I found this!!
She would not even look at me when I called to her. She knew she was naughty.

Perhaps she's trying to tell us she is not happy about being boarded?So back to the vet we went. I brought the papers in and embarrassingly explained that she had torn up the papers since we had been in just a few minutes earlier. They of course could not stop laughing. We got our new papers and are so ready for vacation!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Get ready...

I have been so super behind on blogging lately. I thought things were supposed to calm down in the summertime but so far it seems like we are busier than ever. So instead of doing a ton of little posts, here is some of our month of June in a big ol' blog post.

Since Allie was so good for her traumatic kindergarten doctor visit, she got to choose a toy. She chose this!
She can actually sleep with it on, I would get so claustrophobic.

We took a trip to the zoo

My birthday was on the 6th. All I wanted was new clothes for the summer and my rapidly expanding belly. So Ry gave me a suitcase full of money! It was actually a new temple bag that I desperately needed and it was full of my shopping money in 1$ bills. Each salesperson got a kick out of me counting all my dollar bills to pay for my purchases.
Very clever babe.

Here is the garden we planted at Ry's parent's house. Bob and Sandy (Ryan's parents) have sent in their mission papers and are just waiting to receive their letter that tells them where they are going and when. We are so excited for them! We are also excited that we will be moving into their house while they are gone. Along with taking care of their house comes taking care of their huge yard. They do such a good job at keeping it beautiful and I am just hoping that we can make it look as good as them while they are gone! If you know me, you know I am no gardener but Sandy is teaching me the ropes. I'm gonna make her proud!

Ryan made a garden box for our strawberries...thanks babe!
As many of you know, the Taggart home has become very popular during Halloween thanks to the huge pumpkin patch they have had for the past 2 years. Guess who is running it this year?! We planted the seeds last week...

with any luck, this....

will turn into this! Fingers crossed.
Today Allie had her kindergarten check-up at the dentist. She is much happier at the dentist now that we see Dr. Garner. Which is where Aunt Kim just happens to work ;) Allie just adores Kim.
Thanks Aunt Kim, for curing Allie of her fear of the dentist!!
Tonight we wanted In-N-Out but were not willing to drive to SLC so we made it at home. I must say we did a bang-up job. We made our favorite, "animal style." It was exactly the same! We made the secret sauce, grilled onions and everything.

And last but certainly not least...this little guy. He's just laying down, relaxing in the hot tub. In case you can't tell, his head is on the right and that little nub above his face is his hand. We think he's pretty cute. This was taken a few weeks ago, can't wait to see what this next one looks like!

Hope you're enjoying your summer!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New wheels and a baby bump

So Allie's jogging stroller is not good enough for her anymore. Every time we go on a walk and she sees a bike stroller ride by she talks about how much she wants one. So we finally gave in. We took her on her first ride today and she was in heaven. So were we, it was a blast. I highly recommend having one! We got a double (even though the little man can't go in it until he turns one) so she has tons of room.

proud owner

on the road happy campers

the best we could do at creating a family photo on our own
Here we are at 16 weeks. He is just starting to wiggle around. Not enough for anyone to feel on the outside but I can feel little butterflies inside. It's been a long time since I've been pregnant and I forgot how much I love it. It's very similar to my pregnancy with Allie, morning sickness is over and I'm feeling great. Remember how I was in total shock that it was a boy? That's gone now. I can't wait to have a girl and a boy!