Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treat...

As usual, we drove down to Provo on Halloween and went trick-or-treating with the cousins (Jake, Emma, and Sophie). It was a blast, here are some pics of the whole week...hope you all had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Allie, Saylee, and Haddie painting their pumpkins

Ryan, Bob (dad), Brooke and Brenda (sisters) getting our pumpkins ready to carve!

Ryan carving away

Allie and mom

This is Domino...Brenda's new little Boxer puppy...SO CUTE.

Here are our finished products! I must say they turned out pretty good. Ryan's is the skeleton pirate and mine is the witch.

Allie was a cat for her preschool halloween party...she wouldn't stand up for me.

Waiting for it to get dark to go trick-or-treating

The girls all looked great as a cowgirl, Hannah Montana, and the snow fairy. I don't know how I missed Jake, he was the man in the yellow hat from Curious George.

Ryan went all out in full cowboy gear. And I was a cow.

Of course, the princess had to be strolled to each door in her carriage.

And then she upgraded towards the end of the night. Spoiled. I don't think she walked the whole night!

And now it's November...where does the time go?


amanda said...

Looks like fun! And everyone is so cute! We should have gone to Provo to trick-or-treat again. It was kinda lame here.

Betsy said...

A cow? Really? Hahahahaha!

Lindsay said...

Love the chaps!