Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Last week Ryan took Allie on her first horseback ride. She's been on the little miniature horses at the fair that walk in a circle but never a full sized one. It was so cute to watch, she's looks so little on such a big horse!

Allie, Ryan, and C.J. the horse

She couldn't stop smiling

They even ran a little bit

We also saw some six week old goats. They were so cute, I love how big their ears are! Take a look...

Thanks to Lonnie for having us over for such a fun time!!


amanda said...


Our family said...

Allie is so cute! I love the picture below with the seatbelt - kids can sleep anywhere!

How did the closing go? Hope all went well.

We're having a birthday party for Tayge next week ... I need to get you invite out to you. Address? Just send it to my email,

Loves! Liz

Betsy said...

You guys are so country! :)

Whit and Steve said...

So cute!! I'm glad you updated!! MISS YOU!!