Friday, April 10, 2009


Last weekend Allie's cousins came up to celebrate birthdays. We have 3 kids with birthdays in the beginning of April! Jake is our April Fool's day baby, Allie's is the 7th, and Sophie's is the 11th...needless to say we are birthay'd out by the middle of April. We had a little party for them all on Saturday and had a blast :)

The Birthday girl

Grandma got her a baby. She's obsessed with babies, she get's one every holiday that involves presents. The baby trumps everything.

We got her a big girl bike and hid it in the took her a minute to notice it!

Grandma made cupcakes to decorate.
Notice how Emma is concentrating on icing her CUPCAKE...Allie, not so much

Birthday girl...Sophie!
Jake got a scooter...
Someone else liked the scooter as well...

Happy Birthday Allie, Jake, and Sophie!!


amanda said...

Cute! Look at her go on that bike!

Jen said...

Cute pictures! Ryan's pretty good on Jake's new scooter.

Betsy said...

The pic of Al licking that icing off the knife is adorable. Like crop it, blow it up, frame it adorable.