Thursday, September 2, 2010


Well it's official. She's growing up. Allie started kindergarten yesterday! I can't believe I have a child who goes to school everyday! It's crazy to have 3 hours of total freedom everyday. I miss her when she's gone and worry about every little thing that could go wrong while she is away from the safety of home but I know I need to just let her go and become her own little person. I especially need to enjoy it because in another few months I will have absolutely no freedom at all! She loves her teacher, Mrs. Brooks, and seems to like school so far. Ryan took the day off and took her out to breakfast, it was her day and she was loving it. Here are some pics of our little kindergartner.

Ready to go into class!

I think I was more nervous to leave her than she was Allie and Mrs. Brooks She looks pretty happy after her first day!

She wanted a bagel after school so off to Einstein's we went Now that we live back in North Ogden her favorite thing to do is to have Ryan take her down to the farm on the mower to check the eggs and this day was no different I'd say it was a pretty good first day!


Whit and Steve said...

Looks like a great day! And I can't believe she's in kindergarten either. Love all the pictures!

She's adorable and you look amazing!! Love you and miss you!

Amanda said...

What cute pictures! Congrats Allie and Suzy for surviving! She is lucky to have you for her mom.

Betsy said...

You guys are all the cutest! I LOVE Allie's first day outfit and that her treat after school was a bagel. :)