Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quail Creek

Over the fall break last weekend, the whole Taggart family met down in St. George to spend the weekend camping at Quail Creek. It was an extra special trip for all of us because it was the last one we will go on with mom and dad Taggart before they leave for their mission on November 1st. It seems like just yesterday they got their mission call to Africa, and now all of a sudden it's just days away until they leave. We will miss them more than they know and it will be especially bittersweet since this baby boy will be born just a couple weeks after they go. But thank goodness for Skype! They will get to meet right away via the internet!


I had to start every cold morning with hot chocolate. And maybe I have it most nights at home too, don't judge! Aunt Heidi with Jaden, Haddie, and Jenna
Getting ready to go out on the boat
Heidi and Jason with most of the kids
On the second day we decided to rent a couple of wave runners. They were so much fun and the kids LOVED them!

It may have been a tight fit but I was able to fit into a life jacket!

Aunt Brenda

Nala liked the water but didn't love it. We were hoping she'd be a swimmer but I'm afraid she's a sinker

Ryan and his brother Jason had fun trying to throw each other off of the wave runners, it was great entertainment for us left on shore
they were both successful in throwing the other off

Joe spent some time fishing and caught a few trout

The nights were my favorite because it was so cool outside and I slept so good! What a fun trip, we will miss mom and dad so much but are so excited for them and the experiences they will have on their mission!


Kristin said...

What a fun trip! I hear ya with all the bittersweet feelings of the parents leaving. My parents are now leaving on the 3rd of Nov. Almost 3 months earlier than originally planned. Craziness! I can't wait to meet this newest Taggart!

Amanda said...

That looks like such a fun trip. We need to get together sometime soon. We miss you!

Nichole Greenwood said...

Africa!!! How exciting!!! Looks so fun, and WARM!!! Cant wait to see you on Monday!