Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is anyone else tired of winter?

I am SO tired of winter. Tired of the snowstorms and the 30 degree weather. I was organizing some pics today and found a bunch from last summer. I cannot wait for these days to come again in just a couple months!

We love the Summer parades

Bets and I...Can't wait for the boat again!

Ryan boarding as long as he can til the sun sets

Bridal Veil Falls with Jake, Emma, and Sophie

Flip flops and skirts...ahhhh.
Rosie loves the summer too

Feeding the ducks

It won't be long...I tell myself that every day!


Betsy said...

Nice work Flooz! It's about time you updated this thing! We can't wait to visit in the summer also!

amanda said...

YES!!! Poor Evan wonders every day when he'll get to ride his big wheel. I can't wait!

The Chase Family said...

You make me miss summer too! So when are we going to get together. I feel like such a slacker. I would really love to see you sometime!

Jeff and Heather said...

For me winter is too cold, but summer is too hot. I love spring so I hope we get a good one this year. But, putting the top down in the car sure beats scraping the windshield!!! So I can't wait for summer too. I miss you Suzy, we need to get together. Plus if I have that coconut bread much longer I will eat it...