Saturday, February 28, 2009


Although I don't enjoy winters all that much here in Utah, there are definately some fun things to do to pass the time. Last weekend we went sledding with Ryan's sisters Kim and Brenda and their kids. It was the perfect day and the kids loved it! Those of you who know Allie know that she is not the biggest daredevil but by the end of the day she was going down one of the hills by herself! It was a proud moment of mine.

Allie and Ryan on their way up the hill
She couldn't quite make it up the big hill

Mom and Allie on the little hill

Kim and Haddie



Ryan and Allie



Ryan brought his snowboard for him and his nephew Cameron to use...

By the end of the day a couple of our tubes had popped but we had just as much fun sledding down on our butts

Little miss Allie going down all by herself! It took all day for her to do it but she did! I'm so proud of her :)


Jen said...

So fun! Great job Allie!

Betsy said...

Looks like a blast!!!!