Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Last weekend I was able to go back home for little Cooper's funeral. While I would have rather gone under different circumstances, it was an honor to be there and feel the sweet spirit that was present all weekend.
Lindsay and Patrick (Cooper's mom and dad) with Bets and I

I love this picture of Cooper It was a short trip but the day before I left it was so beautiful so we went sightseeing.
Ryan is extremely jealous because the last time I went home for a visit he came with me and it was so foggy he didn't get to see the bridge once. I wish he could have been there on this day!Next time babe.

Steve took me for a ride around the city on his scooter, the easiest way to get around.
I so miss the beach, maybe one day we will live near it again


Liz said...

You are so a Cali girl! My mom would run away with you to the beach. :-)
P.S. I love you hair dark!

Liz said...

your hair . . . not you hair LOL!

The Chase Family said...

What cute pictures! They make me homesick! Give me a call so we can get together soon!

Betsy said...

We had so much fun w/you here!!! I need to post about the weekend too...