Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's Day

We went over to my parent's house for a Valentine's Day dinner. We love seafood in our family and my mom was so sweet to get a bunch of fresh crab for all of us. I am happy to say that Ryan enjoys seafood now almost as much as I do! As usual we ate way too much but had lot's of fun...hope you had a special Valentine's Day too!

I made homemade oreos

Mom, Jake and Kiara
The next two pictures cracked us up. We love Jake...even though it may not look like it!

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Liz said...

Seafood? Yuck. But I'd take a few of those oreos! LOL!!

Kristin said...

MMM! Crab. I am so jealous! Looks like you had a wonderful Valentine's day. We need to plan a date night.

Betsy said...'ve been living large w/all your fancy crab dining. I'm going to blog tonight about your SF visit. More crab pics in that post! :)