Monday, May 10, 2010

Babies and Baptisms

So my sister Betsy is PREGNANT!! She is due in August and flew out a couple of weeks ago for a baby shower we threw for her. I'm kind of a loser because during all of the rushing around during the shower, I took a whopping TWO pictures! So here they are.

The yummy food we prepared

Bets and I with Liz!

Since I only took two pictures I stole the next two from my sister's blog. Here are the sisters with Amanda! Isn't Betsy's baby tummy so cute? This shower was for girls only so the boys had a man date at the movies and In-n-Out.
The shower was a hit and Bets got tons of much needed baby gear.

The morning after the shower was Sophie's baptism, which was another reason Betsy and Steve came to town. Here is Allie with Emma and Sophie just before we started!All the great guys who were in the confirmation circle

the girls
the guys

We are so proud of Sophie! We love you Soph Soph.


Amanda said...

What cute pictures! Betsy looks so cute! Hey we need to have you guys over. Let's figure a time out soon!

Betsy said...

Yippeeee! Such a fun fun weekend!

Betsy said...

Also, thank you for posting that fatty fatty two by four picture of me. You know the one where I look like a house?