Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1st Grade!!

Today was the day! Our little girl started 1st grade. All day school, lunch in the cafeteria every day with the big kids, three recesses a day. These are all reasons why I have been having mini panic attacks for the last few weeks. I worry too much and worry about every little thing that could go wrong, I'm working on that. But she LOVED it! We went to back-to-school night last night and she was running here and there greeting her friends she made in kindergarten last year. She was so excited for school to start. So this morning we woke up bright and EARLY (such a change from the summer) and she had a big pancake breakfast. Then we got her ready for the day at headed for the school. I was nervous, she was not. She walked right into that classroom and didn't look back. She's so brave! We are amazed at how much she has grown up in the last year. She's confident and willing to try anything. It was a long day without her, it's so strange to be home with just Cole all day! We are going to have some serious bonding time. And it will be nice to work while Allie's at school and be finished by the time she gets home. But I miss her a lot, and I know Cole does too. He was so excited to see her when we went to pick her up. Here are the few pictures I got of her at the beginning of school, she didn't want to take many pictures, she just wanted to start class!

Like I said, it was an early morning so poor Cole got dragged out of bed and went to school in his jammies.Her new desk, ready to go!This is right when she came out of class, Cole was seriously so happy to see her. He loves his big sister and cannot get enough of her! Great job Allie!!


Reeves Family said...

So cute! I can't believe summer is over :( We didn't go to Lagoon together enough times.

Betsy said...

Allie, you looked so cute! I can't believe what a big girl you are!!! Love you!
-Bets, Steve & Char Char