Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Now that summer is coming to an end...

It's August! And the last time I posted was in May, that's a little sad. Here I thought life would calm down after Allie got out of school and it DID NOT. It got much more crazy and busy. We have had a blast of a summer. I can't believe it's coming to an end. Allie starts 1st grade in 2 weeks! She is so excited and that makes me not so freaked out about it. I'm not sure what I'll do while she's gone all day everyday. Cole keeps us busy. He army crawls everywhere and is into everything! I often wonder if he will even crawl on his hands and knees, he seems to do just fine on his tummy. He has his two bottom teeth and his two top teeth are just about to break through. Teething has not been too bad, I hope it stays that way! He's still a mini Ryan. People tell us they have never seen a baby that looks more like his dad. It's pretty cute.

Life has changed for us a bit. Ryan got a new job working at Hill air force base. Not only did he start a new full-time job, but he also started school! So he is gone from way before any of us wake up until right about the time the kids are going to bed. It makes for some long days without dad but we are so excited that this is all happening. We are very grateful!

Are you ready for the longest post ever? Here are the things I caught on camera during our summer of 2011...

First of all, Allie graduated from kindergarten!

We love Mrs. Brooks and will miss her as a teacher The theme for our summer was definitely swimming. We swam constantly!

Cole loves the water! This makes Ryan very happy ;)

Allie is no longer scared to dunk her head, she's come a long way this summer. Hopefully by next summer we can lose the floaties.

Family date to Taggart's Grill

We all got passes to Lagoon this year and they have been so worth it! We go at least once a week and the kids love it! (ok so do the adults)

Allie started gymnastics in June and wants to continue through the school year.

For 4th of July we headed down to Provo for the Freedom parade. We had never been to it before and it was great!
Cole is always interested in eating more than anything else!

We set up our chairs right in front of my Bro-in-law Joe's restaurant and when it got a little too hot outside, we sat inside the restaurant and still had a great view!
Festive family

We did the summer movie program and went to a movie every week with friends

Allie likes to pretend she's Ryan

We couldn't miss the Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo! We go with my family every year.

Allie's favorite part of the whole night, the motocross never disappoints!

Cole has a new love and it's name is iPad 2. This was my birthday present in June but for some reason the kids like to think it's theirs!

We left the kids with aunt Kim while we went out for some fun and Cole rode his first horse! Kim said he really liked it until the horse turned his head and looked right at him. And then Cole started screaming and that was the end of that!

Allie spent a week in Southern California with her dad and the whole Avondet family! They went to Disneyland one day and she LOVED it. This girl goes on more vacations than anyone I know!

So these next two pictures go together. While Allie was in California with her dad, she wanted me to send her a picture of Cole everyday. So one day I sent her this picture of him looking a little crazy....

...and they sent me this one back. She is trying to make the same face as Cole and is doing a very good job if you ask me! I love my crazy kids.

We spent the week in Park City last week with my family. It was so much fun and it ended way too fast! Charlie and Cole were reunited, they are so cute together. They weigh almost exactly the same and there are 3 1/2 months between them! We can't wait until Bets and Steve make the move out to Utah and these two can cause some trouble together!

Cousins waiting in line for the zipline!

Allie's always wanted to try one of these. Worth the $8? I'm still debating that.

Gotta love naps by the pool

Cole loves his grandma :)

Emma and Ryan on the Alpine Coaster
Our crazy family...minus a few who couldn't make it. Thanks Steve for making our family reunion shirts!!

This picture cracks us up. Cole can be so dramatic!

What a summer, we hope you had a fabulous one too!!


Kristin said...

Wow! You have been busy. Congrats on the new job. Having the hubby go to work and school is definitely no easy, but when they finish, the benefits complete the hours of sacrifice. Good luck! Let me know if you need help with anything. We need to get together again.

Amanda said...

I LOVE IT!!! Keep putting pictures up. It looks like you have been so busy. Good luck with Ryan in school and work. I know that can be really busy and really hard to be the one at home with the kids. BTW you look great! We need to talk some time. I miss you!

*Katie* said...

YAAAY for updates! Suzy, you look BEAUTIFUL in those pictures! And the girls and I are sitting here laughing out heads off at Allie and cole's matching funny faces! LOVE YOU GUYS! said...

What a fun update! Miss you terribly! :)