Thursday, June 11, 2009

The big 3-0

So my birthday was on Saturday and I turned the big 3-0...wha? When did I get so old? Ryan is still 29 for another 5 months and does not let me forget it. Oh well. It was a great weekend that started out with me waking up and walking downstairs to find this...

Finally I have my own wakeboard! I have always had to use Ryan's, which is super nice but a little big and bulky for me...this is just right :)

We went to see an Imax show that night and then took a walk by the lake
The next day we had a family party at my parent's house. The little girls were sooo excited because they made my was a rainbow cake with some strange type of icing on it, but once you scraped that off, it was really good! They were so cute and proud of their cake!

A proud baker

This was the finished product...a little funny to look at but very tasty...thanks girls :)
Thanks babe for a great're next :)


Whit and Steve said...

Happy birthday Suz!! I'm glad you had a great day! Miss you and love you!

The Chase Family said...

Happy birthday! I am glad that everything went so well and was so fun! We need to get together sometime soon.

Lindsay said...

Happy birthday, Girlfriend! That cake is pretty sweet!