Friday, June 19, 2009

Growing puppy

This puppy is hilarious. We often find her in Allie's car seat when Allie is not with us. Just chillin.

She is growing so fast...when we got her three weeks ago she was 8 pounds. We took her to the vet on Wednesday and she was 15! They predict that she will be quite large. Her paws are huge! She is just the cutest thing ever...she follows you around everywhere. While I'm doing the dishes she will just sit on the rug by my feet. She's a good little companion.
And not matter where she falls asleep she makes sure that part of herself is laying on someone.
We are off to Park City tomorrow until Wednesday for my yearly family reunion and Ryan's sister Kim is so sweet to watch Nala for us while we are gone. It will be weird not to have her around, she's a big part of our family now! Allie has already had a breakdown about leaving her but I'm sure she will soon forget about being sad when she sees all of her cousins!

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amanda said...

She is still so cute! And she does look bigger! I can't wait to see her again--really! :) Have fun in Park City!