Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April!

It's the first day of April and it's been the worst weather we have had in quite a while...but I'm all cozied up in my pj's enjoying the thunder and lightning storm so I love it!
April 1st is not only April fools day (I got my mom pretty good) but it's also my nephew Jake's birthday. He turned 12 today. He is the ultimate April fools day prank. Up until the minute he was born we were told he was a girl. We were all in shock (especially the doctor) when Jen gave birth to a little boy instead of a little girl!
Tonight we headed down to Provo to eat at Joe's restaurant, Communal, to celebrate this fun day!

Ry and I with Jen, Joe and the birthday boy my cute parents as we left the restaurant the craziest snow storm had just startedJake doesn't like cake, so what did he ask for? Blueberry muffins. Weirdo. what up Ry Ry
This is Scilla. She's the McRae's new dog they rescued a couple of months ago. If you think she's missing an eye, you're right. She's the one-eyed wonder dog! She may look a little funny but she really is so sweet. And my sister and her family finally broke the tradition of the Boxer
we're best buds
even if I maybe make fun of her a little bit sometimes
Jake made out pretty well in the gift department...Happy Birthday Jake!!


Amanda said...

3 things: I would love to know what you pulled on your mom. Blueberry muffins for your birthday is not normal and not okay in my book. I love the picture of you making fun of Scilla! Looks like a fun night!

Betsy said...

That's it...I'm making Steve photoshop him and me into these photos so I don't feel so bad for missing all the fun family parties.

Betsy said...

Also, that dog is sort of ridiculous. But it would appear she's fairly popular. Can't wait to meet the one-eyed-wonder.
Happy birthday Jake!

Suzy said...

Amanda - it actually wasn't too big a deal but we just tricked my mom into thinking we got stuck by the car accident they thought we were gonna get stuck at and weren't gonna make it for the festivities. you know my mom so you can imagine how heartbroken she sounded when she thought we were stranded on the side of the road in SLC and would miss the whole night. It was a last minute thing but it was funny. I know, blueberry muffins? And we all need to get together!!

Bets - don't worry because you'll be here in a few weeks and you WILL be in all these pictures!! We can't wait, the boys are especially excited to have Steve get here so it evens the girls and the guys out a little more. So excited to see you guys!

Jen said...

Suz, you "forgot" to mention that I did provide a most delicious chocolate cake from Magelby's for those who wanted to partake of a more traditional birthday treat. Although, I was surprised that the muffins were more popular than the cake. Whatever...our family is weird... Bets, I'm sure you'll fall in love with Scilla as soon as your eyes/eye meets!