Monday, April 19, 2010

The happy couple

Last weekend we took a trip up to Idaho with the whole Taggart family to see Ryan's sister Brook and and her husband Tyson sealed together in the temple. Brook's kids, Zach and Jenna, were also sealed to them. It was such a sweet experience to be a part of, and we are so happy for their little family.

This was also special for us because 2 weeks earlier, Ryan went through the temple for the very first time. I'm so happy that we have the opportunity to be in the temple together now! I loved being at the temple with the whole family (minus Jeff, we missed you!) and it is an experience we will not soon forget. We are so proud of Brook and Tyson and the commitments they have made and the blessings their family will receive because of them. Congratulations!

The family!
The brothers: Jason, Tyson, Ryan, Joe
The sisters: Heidi, Kim, Brook, Brenda, Suzy
You did it!!
We also all got to stay the night at Brook and Tyson's...such a cute place! We miss you guys up in Idaho but are so happy for you!


Kristin said...

Congrats to Brook!! Congrats to Ryan too! Love you guys! I am so happy for all of you!!!! We should have a temple date night!

Suzy said...

We would love that Kristin! Let's do it soon :)

Ryan said...

Way to go Brook and Tyson!! We are so proud of you guys! :) We love you guys :)

Liz said...

That is so exciting. Tell them congrats. Hey - can Brandon and I invite ourselves along to the temple date night?? ;-) P.S. Ryan - we still have a gift for you. Nothing too exciting, but we hope you like it.

Suzy said...

Of course you guys can Liz...we'll get a bunch of friends together, it will be great :)

Betsy said...

Such a cute family! Everyone!