Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Park City 2010

Our yearly trip to Park City with my family was last week and we had a blast even though we were missing a few siblings this year! We look forward to this trip every year and it's always such a good time just being with the family. The little kids were in heaven all week playing together! Thanks mom and dad for another great week!

We spent most days swimming

Our water train, I always have to be at the front! The kids would have swam all night if we let them. Joe and Ryan were troopers and swam with them in the evening when the moms were too cold. We call the picture below, "My two dads." We spent an afternoon up at the coaster. Here are all the riders! Coaster partners, Emma and Ryan We ate way too much The golfers John, Kim, Jarod, and Kevin We spent a day at Olympic Park. Most of us had never been there, it was so cool! We make a perfect bobsled team, don't you think? Mom and John may have had us beat Ry and Allie on the slide. I'll be happy next year when I can do these fun things again! Coming home from vacation is never fun, we were not happy campers. But there were two who were beyond happy that we were coming home...here they are right after we picked them up from the boarders. Very happy campers!It's crazy to think that next year during our trip we will have two new little boys with us! Betsy and Steve's little one and ours...bring on the cousins!


Whit and Steve said...

looks like so much fun!! I love all the pictures. And you look great, i might add!

Btw, cute swimsuit! is it maternity? where is it from?

Liz said...

You are so good to post pics fast! Speedy lady!

Looks like you all had a good time and did a lot of fun things. What is at the Olympic park? Never been there. Maybe Bran and I should check it out!


Suzy said...

Thanks Whit! I bought the suit at Shade. It's not maternity. It's bunched down the sides so it fits a growing belly really well. I just got a size bigger and I'm loving it! I couldn't find any maternity suits I liked but this was perfect. I'll email you the link.

Liz I'm not sure why I'm so on top of it! Olympic park has lot's of cool things and you can watch the ski jumpers practice, they just land in water instead of snow. Very cool to sit and watch. We would for sure take a day trip up there again if you guys want to come along, the kids LOVED it.

Kristin said...

Cute pics. I'm glad you had lots of fun. Way to show me up by putting your Park City pics up before I got my cruise pics up.

Betsy said...

Your pregnant belly is giving you amazing cleave! (I'm allowed to comment on your cleave since you commented on my blog about about my fun bags. :)

Also, if you're going to have a real career in bobsledding, you need to get way more hardcore.

Also, we missed you all last week and wish we could have been there!!! But you're right...next year!!! With two baby boys!!!

Suzy said...

Kristin I keep waiting for those pics to come up! I'm shocked myself that I already got this post done.

Bets I guess it's okay for you to talk about my cleave since we talk about your fun bags. I'm sure everyone likes to hear about our pregnancy-enhanced bodies!