Thursday, June 10, 2010

New wheels and a baby bump

So Allie's jogging stroller is not good enough for her anymore. Every time we go on a walk and she sees a bike stroller ride by she talks about how much she wants one. So we finally gave in. We took her on her first ride today and she was in heaven. So were we, it was a blast. I highly recommend having one! We got a double (even though the little man can't go in it until he turns one) so she has tons of room.

proud owner

on the road happy campers

the best we could do at creating a family photo on our own
Here we are at 16 weeks. He is just starting to wiggle around. Not enough for anyone to feel on the outside but I can feel little butterflies inside. It's been a long time since I've been pregnant and I forgot how much I love it. It's very similar to my pregnancy with Allie, morning sickness is over and I'm feeling great. Remember how I was in total shock that it was a boy? That's gone now. I can't wait to have a girl and a boy!


Liz said...

What a cute baby bump! Love it! We too have one those bike trailers, so maybe we'll have to go together sometime. Love ya!

Amanda said...

You look way cute with a bump!!! We keep talking about doing the bike thing and so far haven't been able to do it! Way cute!

Whit and Steve said...

Oh my goodness!! You are the cutest little pregnant lady ever!!! I'm glad your morning sickness is over and you're feeling good! I'm excited for your baby boy. I already have dibs on him for an arranged marriage for our baby girl, hope that's ok :)

Oh and we bought a double burley a few months ago and Jack loves it too. We've had fun taking he and his friends on rides. But can't wait to get both the babes in there together. I'm glad Allie likes it. Miss you and love you!!

Betsy said...

That little bump is extremely cute.