Friday, June 18, 2010


So this Monday we are going to Park City for the week for my family's yearly vacation. We can't wait! As usual, the few days before a vacation are crazy and there are a million things to do to get ready. This year we have decided to board Nala for the first time. The boarders need her shot record to show that she is up to date so I stopped into the vet this morning to pick them up. Nala came along with me for the ride. After the vet I ran into the grocery store for about 3 minutes to pick up some chicken. When I returned to the car I found this!!
She would not even look at me when I called to her. She knew she was naughty.

Perhaps she's trying to tell us she is not happy about being boarded?So back to the vet we went. I brought the papers in and embarrassingly explained that she had torn up the papers since we had been in just a few minutes earlier. They of course could not stop laughing. We got our new papers and are so ready for vacation!


Amanda said...

That is so funny!!! She has got to be the cutest dog ever!I wish we could take her for you.

Whit and Steve said...

SO funny!!! I love that she wouldn't look at you when you called her!

Btw, totally jealous of your trip to park city! I want to come!! Does Bets get to come up?

Kristin said...

Too funny! I love how she's sitting there like she didn't do anything. I hope you guys have fun in Park City. I love Ryan's birthday gift. Very clever.

Amanda said...

That is seriously the funniest thing ever! I can see why the people at the vet couldn't stop laughing. And to see her sitting there, trying to look so innocent, is so hilarious! She is the greatest dog!

Liz said...

Poor Nala - LOL! That is too funny. Hope you guys have a great time in PC. :-)