Monday, December 13, 2010

Poor boy

Last Tuesday, Cole was not himself. So on Wednesday I took him to the Doctor and he had a fever. Already??? He was not even 3 weeks old! Unfortunately, the fever was over 100.4 and if it's that high and the baby is still so young, they send you directly to the hospital. But not before they did a spinal tap on him right there in the office. It was horrible. Nothing feels worse than sitting there helpless while one of your kids is going through something so traumatic. They were mainly worried about meningitis, so they wanted to test his spinal fluid. Then off to Ogden Regional we went. Right away he got his IV, blood drawn, and a urinalysis. His spinal fluid was sent off to the lab. We weren't allowed to leave until the cultures came back 48 hours later. So it was just a looong waiting game. They kept his IV in the whole time pumping antibiotics into it. Luckily, his first test results that came back were looking good so we were pretty positive that nothing would grow on the cultures. And nothing did! So he got a virus from somewhere, unfortunately that's all we know. Hopefully this does not happen again while he is so young because I am not a fan of the hospital! We took a bunch of pictures while we were there. There is not much more to do while you just sit and wait! Here are a few...

Just after we got to the hospital and he got his IV

My mom came to see him before she picked up Allie for us. Thank you mom and Jen for taking such good care of her for us!!
He had quite the setup
This was taken after a long night...his IV stopped working and they had to restart it....NOT FUN. But I love this picture. So sweet.

Aunts Kim and Brenda came over for a visit, he was spoiledThe pediatric wing has a wagon you can take your little one for a walk in. He was not too thrilled the first time we tried it...

So we took him back and fed him and then he was all about it. Did I mention this boy is a piggy? In 6 days he went from 8lbs 7 oz to 9 lbs 5 oz. Volunteers for the hospital make the kids little booties, so they gave us these on the day we left

He is so happy to be back home with his big sister. She is thrilled.
Fingers crossed this is not the beginning of a sick-filled winter!


Steve said...

we are so glad he is ok! Charlie is looking to get in his first snowball fight with Cole in a couple weeks so we need to keep both boys in tip top shape.

Betsy said...

Dear Cole,
I'm glad you're feeling better and I'm excited to finally get together on Christmas Day. Everyone is acting like we have never met before but we know better. We were up in heaven together just 4 months ago hanging out before we both came to earth. Christmas is going to be a reunion!

Amanda said...

I am so glad that he is ok. I hope that all of you are recovering and able to get some sleep soon. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

Kristin said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that. I'm glad that he is feeling better. Love the pic of Cole and Ryan sleeping. Like father, like son.

Amanda said...

So sweet and so sad all at the same time. Glad he is okay!