Thursday, February 17, 2011


Cole was blessed on Sunday, February 13th. He screamed through the ENTIRE blessing! That is so Cole. It would have been out of character for him to be quiet when we needed him to! Ryan did such a great job though. He was calm and gave Cole the sweetest blessing. Luckily we could still hear him over Cole! We were lucky to have some very special friends and family be a part of the circle. We love this little boy and are so thankful for him.

All ready for his big day! So cute.

Soooo cute!

Ryan's family...We're missing Bob and Sandy who are in Africa! And Jason and Heidi weren't able to make it up

Julie, Liz and I

Our handsome husbands...Brandon (Liz), Ryan, and Nate (Julie)

The weather was amazing that day! The kids played outside the whole time. Now we are back to snow and freezing temps! Thank you to everyone who came, it was such a sweet day!


Amanda said...

Congratulations! What cute pictures! You look great! I hope we can get together soon!

Jen said...

such a great day! Cole looks so adorable in his "shorts" :)

*Katie* said...

He looks so handsome!! And you look amazing as always ;)

Betsy said...

I LOVE his outfit. Wish we could have been there with you guys!