Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Our two love bugs. Allie could not contain her excitement all day, especially when she got her pillow pet. Cole really didn't care that it was Valentine's day at all...
Allie had a fabulous day at school. They had a Valentine's day party and today I started being a mom helper again in her class. I stopped being a helper a couple weeks before Cole was born and have missed it!
Allie wanted to go to Tepanyaki for dinner. She's not a cheap date! She loved her shrimp and noodles. Cole slept through the whole thing which was an extra special treat for us ;) Ryan and his new golf hat
Ready for bed
Happy Valentine's Day :)

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Jen said...

Please do NOT show Sophie that pillow pet! We cannot handle another stuffed animal in the McRae house!