Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little hands

My friend Lindsay does clay imprints of little hands and feet and they turn out ADORABLE. Her and her husband Pat were visiting from California over Christmas and she started prints for Cole. Started, meaning she took prints of his hands and feet so that when she got home, she could finish them off. She warned us before we started that no baby went through this process without crying. Boy was she right...

It might not look like Cole is crying in this picture

...but he is! It is so worth it though.

Cole only cried for a few minutes and quickly got over it when Lindsay picked him up.

He's maybe a little bit in love with her.

The finished product! Aren't they the sweetest things you've ever seen?

I'm in love with these little mini ones. Thanks for doing these for us Linds, we absolutely love them! Lindsay and Pat are expecting a little GIRL in a few weeks and we are so excited for them!

We got so many cute things to celebrate Cole's birth, I had to show this one we got from my sister...thanks JEN!How sweet is that?


Liz said...

Love all of it! So very sweet to have those memories and items as reminders.

Kristin said...


Jen said...

I would give anything to have imprints of my kids' hands & feet! Where was all this cute stuff 13 years ago???