Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gotta Love Lake Mead...

This month we went to Lake Mead with a few of the Taggarts and had so much fun! It was officially our last summer vacation for the year so we took advantage of the heat and the water as much as we could!

Heidi (sister-in-law) and son Jayden

Allie, Jenna and Zach
Ryan got in his last bit of wakeboarding for the summer (as did I but I am not nearly as exciting to watch as he is)
Ryan's brother Jason

Grandma and Grandpa with a few of the kiddos

We were so excited for Allie because she went wakeboarding for the very first time! Those who know Allie know what a huge deal this is because this girl does not venture far into the water, especially deep water. Our little nephew Zach did it first and loved it and as soon as she saw him do it she wanted to try it too. I was both excited and a little terrified watching her try it for the first time but she did great! Heidi and I could not contain our excitement, as you can hear in the video!

This is right after she went wakeboarding...I think she will be doing it again next year! Maybe we will even get her up on her own!

Somehow I didn't get a picture of Brook and her hubby Tyson so I am adding this one of them that I took last week :)
A group of mountain sheep (or goats, not sure what they're called) came down to the water to get a drink. It was so cool to watch how they would take turns watching out for predators while the others drank. Check out the horns on that guy on the lookout!
Ryan swam over to an island about to emerge right in the middle of the lake. I didn't go near it, mountains under water creep me out.

By the end of each day we were beat!
What a great way to end the summer!


Ryan said...

It was a way fun time way to go allie!!! :) cant wait for next year... Thanks for making it so fun i love you babe!!!

Liz said...

Seriously love the video of Allie (especially all the background cheering!!!). Looks like you guys had a great time!

Betsy said...

So fun! Go Allie!

Kristin said...

Way to go Allie! Love it Ryan! What an awesome family vacation.