Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It always seems that when October rolls around our lives get crazier than usual! I love October because it seems like the start of the holiday season and the whole month is filled with Halloween activites. A couple weeks ago we went on a Halloween was a boat that floated down the provo river while the captain told ghost stories. There were carved and lit pumpkins all the way down the river. The kids loved it, maybe it will become a Halloween tradition!

Emma, Allie and Sophie all ready to go

goofy cousins Allie's new smile
it was pretty hard to get any good pictures of the pumpkins since it was so dark but it was really cool to see their reflections in the water

thanks for the fun night grandma and grandpa!


Kristin said...

How fun! Allie's smile cracks me up! What a cutie!

Liz said...

That sounds so fun! Maybe next year Brandon and I will have to take Tayge to try it out!