Friday, October 30, 2009

Trout Farm

A couple of weeks ago we took Allie to the trout farm in North Ogden with our friends Tiffany and Brandon and their cute daughter Addie. I am not a lover of fishing...I love to eat fish but do not really enjoy catching and killing them. I ended up catching a pretty good sized trout but immediately handed the fishing pole over to Ryan once I got a bite and he took it from there :) That night the guys barbecued our trout for us and it was sooo good.

I cannot believe how much trout are in these ponds! Pretty hard to walk away empty-handed.

Addie and Allie Allie enjoyed her first time fishing!Brandon caught the first fish of the day This is the one I caught and let Ryan wrangle

Afterwards we went over to the Taggart's pumpkin patch so Tiff, Brandon and Addie could get some pumpkins. This is just some of the pumpkins there were at the beginning of October and now there are none left! I can't believe they're all gone!

Tomorrow's the day...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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